Conversations: Zara Kand and Anastasia Wasko


The creative process, art, and spirituality intertwine by their natures. Creating art can be a spiritual experience, and spiritual experience informs art. Enjoy an unscripted conversation between two friends who are fascinated by these topics.

Zara Kand is an oil painter, animator, freelance art writer, curator, art instructor, and editor of The Gallerist Speaks. She was raised in Europe and has lived in the US for the greater part of her life. She has created art since she was old enough to hold a pencil and has exhibited throughout numerous venues within the US, as well as being featured internationally in many online and print publications. Her website is

Flash Fiction Reading: Writing from the Subconscious

A reading with flash fiction writer Riham Adly & participants from her “Writing From the Subconscious” 6-week workshop through the Transformative Language Arts Network, Summer 2022.

I’m reading my piece “Venus in Antartica” at 1:03:00.

Conversations: Hanzl’s House of Stories

Hanzl’s House of Stories

A conversation with Jackie Felczak Hanzl. In the summer of 2021, she proofread my autofiction piece, Meta Work, and edited The Practice: Conceptual Overview, a workbook on self exploration.

Podcast Mentions

Find Jackie here:

“Meta Work” cover design by Sharon Wasko

The creative process inspiration: Leo Nuñez