Anastasia Wasko is a writer, editor, and transpersonal guide from the New York/New Jersey area and currently living in northeastern Alabama. Her BA is in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (former Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). She is currently exploring psychosynthesis in the masters program at The Institute of Psychosynthesis in London, England.

Her creative output is largely inspired by psychological processes and the anima mundi (world soul), unus mundus (interconnected world), and the idea of a pansentient universe. Anastasia’s fiction and creative non-fiction writing have appeared in Space Cowboy’s Simultaneous Times podcast, Thrive Global, and in Journal of Exceptional Experiences. Her debut work of autofiction SevenThirteen was self-published in 2003. Her subsequent work Meta Work was released in 2021, and another work is forthcoming in 2023.

Anastasia has spent several years working on Mindfield, the official publication of the Parapsychological Association.

She focuses on helping individuals explore their relationship with the world beyond the ego so they can be more present, joy-filled, and fulfilled in their human experience. She is an energy worker (flowing Centaur energy) and has consulted charts in the evolutionary astrology style for years. Anastasia has studied ayurveda and yoga culture with Dr Vasant Lad and other teachers across the globe.

Expressing myself creatively through word play is what keeps me in alignment with my soul. Or, my soul is in alignment with this human identity through word play that is creative and fresh. I like my language alive. Thing is, I believe body and mind are made from the same material—energy—and reality is a constellation of body and mind sensory impressions. The compass of the soul speaks to us through language. So, my inner compass is important. When it points me beyond the ego to explore stories, I go.

Sometimes, I land in fiction. In this realm of reality mixed with imagination, I jump all over the metaphorical universe, converse with non-human characters, and engage with abstraction so I might create a place for the narratives I feel within me.  Sometimes I am a character in the story. And sometimes I speak through other characters. I move through speculative fiction, too. The relativity of time and space is best explored here.

Other times, I show up in creative nonfiction: I write about real travel and cultural exchange and psychosynthesis and the transpersonal. I write to teach. And when I do, I reflect back my identities that have ebbed and flowed within language, geography, and social boundaries. I tell stories because that’s the best way we learn.