You’re not alone.

Here is your community to talk about what happened. There are two ways to do it: a group or individual session.

Group sessions

  • Facilitated, two-hour group sessions will give you the opportunity to explore your experience in a safe container. You will be guided toward agency and writing the story you want from your encounter. We’ll be using methods from psychosynthesis psychology, a framework for understanding for viewing our human experience as an extension of our fundamental spiritual nature.
  • Program hosted by Planet Dust Enterprises.

Individual sessions

  • Structured, one-on-one support will give you the courage to stand in your truth. You will be guided toward agency, like in the group program, and receive more individualized support. This is deep work that retrieves the soul, giving you the opportunity to change the relationship you have to the phenomena happening and walking you toward empowerment.

The first step is to schedule a chat with me. Click the button below to find a time.