If we haven’t met…I’m Anastasia Wasko

I am a psychospiritual guide with a bachelors in transpersonal psychology, and I’m finishing my master’s degree right meow. I’ve been helping people for over 20 years to navigate psychospiritual growth through reflection and creative writing. I am happy to serve you, too. I’ve created a signature offering called The Self Mastery program. I can help you learn to view the world through a science-informed spiritual point of view, then learn how to apply that point of view for meaningful transformation. You’ll navigate your inner space and emerge a more authentic, connected version of yourself.

The highest form of spirituality is relating being to being in a way that is kind, compassionate, and true to each other. We, as practitioners of a multitude of modalities for healing and transformation, are doing some really fudging important, holy work.

The most important guideline in my teachings is two-fold: you are the agent of your own experience. We can swoop in with educated guesses and approximations of what’s happening and what might help. But you are responsible for doing the work of transformation. If your job is to create a safe space for clients to tranform and grow, I can help you learn to do that.