Planet Dust Enterprises (PDE) exists to burn away the stories that this world made for us. We write our own.

“Planet Dust” is a metaphorical place, a state of inner peace that is there but buried under the noise of being human. It is a literal place called Planet Earth, where disorder and dis-ease overwhelm the spirit inside of us.

We forget that what we already have (our thoughts, emotions, and embodied sensations) is a compass to navigate inner space. We have the tools to get to inner peace; we have simply lost the way.

So at Planet Dust, we write it out.

Planet Dust offers workshops for individuals to practice getting to know themselves through autofiction, aka autobiographical fiction. We write the stories as we want them to be, as we perceive them, as they are exactly inside us. And in this form, we’re not writing for publication (although it can be published). We write to know and then transform ourselves.

It is the Practice.

The Practice is what helps us create a culture of self care, an individualized roadmap to keep ourselves reaching our higher selves on a regular basis. The Practice moves us toward inner freedom and happiness because through awareness, reflection, and creative expression, we reflect on all the facets of this fleeting experience; we embrace every experience we have; and we shine as our beings in soul alignment shine.

Let’s burn everything that doesn’t serve us and rise from the flames.

Say it with me: In dust I trust!

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Meta Work

Meta Work exemplifies the power of personal story to evoke catharsis in a healing journey. A cross between memoir, poetry, and narrative fiction, the new subgenre of autofiction is shown here to be an entry into an individual’s inner world, allowing one the freedom to explore it without the strictures imposed by the aforementioned genres.

I show, by sharing my own journey as a person living in recovery from bipolar disorder, the power of this immersive tool to clarify, magnify, and ultimately transform one’s own relationship with their internal challenges.

“If anything demonstrates that people with mental illnesses are individuals, not their mental illness, Meta Work has arrived to concretize it in the sweaty summer heat of New York’s Central Park with its sidewalks full of aquatic monsters, fire-eyed mannequins and a life-sized compass that will snatch readers along the way as the narrative leads the heroine and the audience to a place we all need, a place called home.” —Gila Green, author of White Zion, Passport Control, No Entry and King of the Class

“The poetic weaving of words and ingenious writing style enables the reader to travel deep into the mind and imagination of the writer, which in turn allows for introspection of self. Meta Work is not just a book, it is a journey, an experience… And after you have experienced the journey, it can become a tool to help in life. This book is a porthole into the inner world of those with mental health issues, showing the everyday chaos and struggles. But more importantly it shows how one can find the beauty in the chaos. I would recommend this book to anyone suffering with mental illness and those wanting to help or understand the internal chaos of the troubled mind.” —NK

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I Don’t Want to Be Normal Blank Journal

A blank journal to write your own story in. Cover featuring original word art by Anastasia Wasko.

Choose from a 60-page hardcover, or a 200-page softcover.

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The Practice: Conceptual Overview

The Practice: Conceptual Overview is a workbook on self exploration. It guides the practitioner through the worldview that everything is energy and that we are souls having a human experience.

The Practice encourages the reader to engage with their experience. Feel into the currency of language and to create a feedback loop between the mind, body, and soul. Access a deeper connection to the self and the world so you can be happy and free.

Use the process to revise your story and change your narrative.