Planet Dust Enterprises (PDE) is based on the idea that language is the tool for self exploration and personal evolution.

PDE offers workshops and produces original works of autofiction, the canvas upon which an individual writes their own story and changes their relationship to the greater narrative.

“Planet Dust” is a metaphorical place that is a state of peace.

Life on planet Earth got you feeling not good? Let’s revise your story. You too can return to your own joy, hope, and resilience if you commit to The Practice. There are others who are doing for the same thing.

Together, we can create a world that is an easier place to be for all.

-Published by Planet Dust Enterprises-

Meta Work

Meta Work exemplifies the power of personal story to evoke catharsis in a healing journey. A cross between memoir, poetry, and narrative fiction, the new subgenre of autofiction is shown here to be an entry into an individual’s inner world, allowing one the freedom to explore it without the strictures imposed by the aforementioned genres.

I show, by sharing my own journey as a person living in recovery from bipolar disorder, the power of this immersive tool to clarify, magnify, and ultimately transform one’s own relationship with their internal challenges.

“If anything demonstrates that people with mental illnesses are individuals, not their mental illness, Meta Work has arrived to concretize it in the sweaty summer heat of New York’s Central Park with its sidewalks full of aquatic monsters, fire-eyed mannequins and a life-sized compass that will snatch readers along the way as the narrative leads the heroine and the audience to a place we all need, a place called home.” —Gila Green, author of White Zion, Passport Control, No Entry and King of the Class

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I Don’t Want to Be Normal Blank Journal

A blank journal to write your own story in. Cover featuring original word art by Anastasia Wasko.

Choose from a 60-page hardcover, or a 200-page softcover.

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COMING SOON: The Practice: Conceptual Overview

The Practice: Conceptual Overview is a workbook on self exploration. It guides the practitioner through the worldview that everything is energy and that we are souls having a human experience.

The Practice encourages the reader to engage with their experience. Feel into the currency of language and to create a feedback loop between the mind, body, and soul. Access a deeper connection to the self and the world so you can be happy and free.

Use the process to revise your story and change your narrative.