Welcome. I keep the fire burning always so you can find your inner peace here.

Oh, you thinkin’ you ain’t felt that in you ever? It’s there. Trust me.

I got the tools if you’re ready to work on your psychosocial growth. That means we look at the spiritual and psychological together. Consciousness expansion, meaning making, and connection happen as I guide you along the journey. You get a lot more happy and free inside.

Let’s light your inner fire

I call time shared with you a Light My Fire session. It’s an hour that can include homa, astrological insight, guided meditation, creative writing, reflection writing, and healing touch. I practice psychosynthesis psychology, a soul-centered depth psychology. You are held with integrity in your process of self exploration. This is a healing, restorative, and invigorating offering of self care.

Elements to light your fire

HOMA: A Vedic ceremony with fire and Sanskrit chanting so you can be more present and in right relationship to the inner space

      • Homa is an experience of Self, too. The individual as a spark and and the collective as a cosmic flame meet. Gazing into the flame has a healing effect; simply being in the field (around) the homa is beneficial, too. Homa removes pollutants from the body, mind, and atmosphere.

CREATIVE & REFLECTION WRITING: Prompts inspired by astrological insight and events in your life so you can make meaning and language emotions and feelings

      • The act of putting pen to paper, or keystrokes to an electronic file is a sacred one. It opens a portal of perception—are you the person who is writing, or are you a character in someone else’s story? Let’s work on that so you can write your own story and step into the narrative you desire.

HEALING TOUCH: Life energy (prana) is flowed to you so you can refresh your subtle energy bodies 

      • I was initiated into the Usui lineage of reiki and am an advanced practitioner, but now I flow more Centaur energy. I prefer the term “healing touch.” I perform healing touch across time and space for the greater good of individuals and the planet.

ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHT: Guidance through the framework of evolutionary astrology so you can explore the divine design of your human experience and evolutionary potential

      • Evolutionary astrology is a framework that helps you co-create your reality by embodying the attributes of the archetypes in a manner that serves growth potential.  I talk in terms of archetypes, that is, collective patterns of behaviors and journies (a mother archetype, a seeker archetype) that help you explore your individual journey.

PSYCHOSYNTHESIS PSYCHOLOGY: A psycho-spiritual psychology that is a process and a model of self evolution so you can know that every experience matters

      • Sometimes exploring inner space takes us to uncharted, scary waters. Sometimes the best of times are the worst of times. The invitation here is to explore, “What does that mean to you?” It’s easy to forget we are humans but are spiritual beings, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Both facets of experience need to be integrated in order to grow and be able to make the choices that serve our greater good.

Image courtesy of Roger Evans; the Institute of Psychosynthesis

Curious but not sure? I kindly invite you to sit with my words from my own journey of coming home to myself. Start with Mindfulness and culture making and then try Growing through fire.