Let’s work on your mental health. If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, confusion, anger, recovery, and major change, I provide psychospiritual guidance to help you manage. I’m clinically trained as a counselor, but I call myself a guide. I have an unconventional approach and lead with heart and creativity in my unique practice.

  • We’ll use imagination and creative expression to find your happy place.

The most important guideline in my teachings is this: you are the agent of your own experience. You are responsible for doing the work of transformation. I am responsible for showing you how to become empowered and help you reach your happy place.

  • The most important part is a vibe. Do we align? Book a free 15-minute call and let’s find out.


I’ve spent a long time exploring different traditions and ways of managing mental health. Here are the tools in my kit to use with you.

WRITING: Prompts are portals for you to reflect upon and use your will and imagination to envision a different version of yourself, one who isn’t struggling.

  • The act of putting pen to paper, or keystrokes to an electronic file, is a sacred one. Let’s work on writing your own story, letting it go, and transforming narratives

ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHT: Guidance through the framework of evolutionary astrology so you can explore your relationship to yourself and the world in a meaningful way.

  • This worldview helps you learn how to co-create your reality and embody authenticity and truth while finding a sense of connection

PSYCHOSYNTHESIS PSYCHOLOGY: A transpersonal psychology that says we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Bring your beliefs, religions, practices and explore how they can bring you through the transformation from mental un-wellness to mental health.

  • It’s about finding the way to transform the memories, feelings, emotions, behaviors, and thoughts so you can feel the peace and happiness that is inside you

Image courtesy of Roger Evans; the Institute of Psychosynthesis

During the darkest, most chaotic and painful times of our lives, the divine (God) is with us. It’s easy to forget that these episodes will pass, and we can return to peace. But we must do the work to get there.

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Curious but not sure? I kindly invite you to sit with my words from my own journey of coming home to myself through healthy psychospiritual growth. Start with Mindfulness and culture making and then try Growing through fire.