Did you go through an experience that left you needing to change your beliefs and understanding of who you are? Let’s talk. I am here as a transpersonal guide to help you language your new way of moving through the world. During a consultation, I will help you explore what is going on inside you and help you find the right relationship (attitude) with your spiritual and psychological growth; apply your will and understand your impulses; and express the energies in the service of the greatest good.

Consultations are called Light Ceremonies and include homa, astrological insight, guided meditation, creative writing, reflection writing, and reiki. We plug in to the present and transform & integrate your human experience.

    • Zoom and in-person Light Ceremonies are available
    • Light Ceremonies help you process life lessons and include…
      • HOMA: A Vedic ceremony with fire and Sanskrit chanting so you can be more present and in right relationship to the inner space
      • REIKI: Prana or life energy is flowed to you so you can refresh your subtle energy bodies and act in alignment with the greatest course of personal evolution
      • ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHT: guidance through the framework of evolutionary astrology so you can explore the divine design of your human experience and evolutionary potential

Curious but not sure? I kindly invite you to sit with my words from my own journey of coming home to myself. Start with Mindfulness and culture making and then try Growing through fire.