Welcome. I keep the fire burning always so you can encounter your inner peace here.

Oh, you thinkin’ you ain’t felt that in you ever? It’s there. Trust me. We just have to dig it out.

Let’s light your inner fire

I’ve spent a long time exploring different traditions and concepts for self realization, soul evolution, and psychospiritual (psychological and spiritual) growth. Here’s what feels like home to me. These tools are in my kit to use with you.


HOMA: A Vedic ceremony with fire and Sanskrit chanting so you can be more present and in right relationship to the inner space

      • This is a form of meditation. Gazing into the flame has a healing effect. Homa removes pollutants from the body, mind, and atmosphere.

WRITING: Prompts are portals for you to reflect upon and explore your inner space so you can experience and integrate unconscious material

  • The act of putting pen to paper, or keystrokes to an electronic file, is a sacred one. Let’s work on writing your own story, letting it go, and transforming narratives.

ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHT: Guidance through the framework of evolutionary astrology so you can explore the divine design of your human experience and unleash your soul’s potential

      • Evolutionary astrology is a framework that helps you learn how to co-create your reality and embody the energetics of the cosmos and Earth

PSYCHOSYNTHESIS PSYCHOLOGY: A transpersonal psychology that is a process and a model of self evolution so you can know that every experience matters

      • We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have a natural impulse toward wholeness, and psychosynthesis can guide toward connection within ourselves and to others

Image courtesy of Roger Evans; the Institute of Psychosynthesis

Curious but not sure? I kindly invite you to sit with my words from my own journey of coming home to myself. Start with Mindfulness and culture making and then try Growing through fire.