Hi there! Welcome. Thanks for visiting my nabe in hyperspace. I’m a writer, editor, and transpersonal guide who works with GenXers and Millennials on their journey of self exploration so they can understand themselves better and discover their self-care culture that brings them inner peace.

All of this, too–the process of self exploration and the way culture affects us–is my reason for living. I write in nonfiction and creative nonfiction forms on these topics. I invite you to read my blog,  The Practice.

And, I deal with the deep stuff–what we do when we recall past life experiences; how we engage the archetypal resonance of embodied experience; when to call the “weird stuff” you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and when to call a mental healthcare practitioner.

I’ve got so much to say. This is my soul’s work.

  • If you are an individual or group who would like to work with me on your journey of self exploration through Planet Dust Enterprises, go here.
  • If you are interested in my work with language and  changing the mental healthcare narrative, I invite you to read the curated pieces from my portfolio that are on this website and reach out.

BTW: I love tattoos and coffee.