I’m a writer with a transpersonal narrative. The soul, the mind, and the mundane are my material.

My creative writing includes science fiction and speculative fiction. Expect to read stories that are feminist, take place in space, and have non-human characters. I’m a curious narrator, and I invite curiosity from the reader. Please see NeonRockSprite

Creative nonfiction is a form I enjoy, too.  I write about my travel experiences as KiezKucker. Traversing cultures and subcultures in a meaningful way is an art. When it’s done well, people learn that we are not strangers to one another.

I believe writing from a transpersonal narrative is only part of the work. I am invested in moving the Zeitgeist into a post-materialism paradigm; par for course, I do energy work. My project EVOL expands upon this commitment.

My areas of interest include transpersonal psychology; psychosynthesis psychology; depth psychology; clinical parapsychology; and evolutionary astrology. I have a BA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (the former Institute of Transpersonal Psychology).