I’m a writer & editor with a transpersonal worldview. I seek to expand thought bodies by synthesizing ideas across belief systems. Let’s explore frontiers in inner space, and create a sustainable way to move through the outer world together. 

My interest in pursuing all that life offers is greater than my fear of the unknown. I believe direct experience is paramount. I seek, facilitate, and value spaces in which people can learn about themselves and their relationship to their worlds.

My projects (EVOL, KiezKucker, NeonRockSprite, and Planet Dust Enterprises) are offerings of love. Each represent an outlet through which I infuse the world with things I think people need and I can give. My freelance writing and editing projects are pieces of information that I believe are valuable and empower people to construct and use a soverign personal narrative. 

My areas of interest: creative transformative practices; clinical parapsychology; transpersonal psychology; global citizenship; sustainability; DIY projects; dispersed lifestyles; ethical travel. 

Professionally: I write articles, blogs, and content. I edit books, websites, marketing and advertising material. 

Personally: Sci fi (incl. speculative fi) and literature-in-translation are my writing genres of choice. I do creative nonfiction out of my habit for capturing scenes in words. Sometimes poetry happens, too.