I’m a writer who explores the world & expands thought bodies by synthesizing ideas across belief systems. I make stuff, too.

Areas of interest: creative transformative practices; clinical parapsychology; global citizenship; sustainable DIY projects; digital nomad lifestyles; ethical travel. 


Freelance Writing

Build a couch for $20 for PopSciDIY


Content Writing

Blogs posts


Living Outside the Lines for EVOL, an evolutionary self-care practice


Freelance Editing (Selected Works)

Accountability and White Anti-Racist Organizing: Stories from our Work by B. Cushing (editor), et al. Proofread for Crandall, Dostie, & Douglass Books; published November 2010. 

Bio-Inspired and Nanoscale Integrated Computing by M.E. Wilner (editor). Copy edit for John Wiley & Sons; published August 2009.