Your words light me up. Thank you! xoxo — Anastasia

Homa with Anastasia was my first fire ceremony and I enjoyed it very much. Maybe enjoying is not the best word… because it moved me deeply. For sure, it was no coincidence that I had an astrological transit on my Vesta, the Asteroid Goddess of the hearth and our inner sacred flame, at the day Anastasia invited me to her homa. The ceremony with mantra singing and lighting up the fire was magical and the stillness afterwards was very powerful: even though I “just” sat for around 30 min gazing at the fire, it helped me to integrate and to focus. It felt like an inner burning – a purging & cleansing process and at the same time a warmth opening. For the whole homa I felt skillfully guided by Anastasia. She is a wonderful “fire priestess” who holds the space in a calm but strong way. She opens the room for individual, independent experiences and at the same time creates an atmosphere of soulful safety on an energetic level. I highly recommend Anastasia’s homa – a powerful way of meditating and connecting with the element of fire – to evoke the power of this natural force within. —Verena Borrell, evolutionary astrologer

I felt entirely calm our entire session and afterward actually felt a little energetically buzzy. I do think we managed to connect on a real level and I was able to maintain that newfound calm for quite awhile thereafter. During the session I also visualized colors in my mind from magenta/purple to violets and silvers, which isn’t something I typically do but it all came about very organically and was soothing. —AR

Reiki with Anastasia was right on time and greatly received. I was able to transmute resentment and frustration into gratitude. I was able to tune into the bigger picture and step away from mundane details. I was left feeling refreshed and excited to spread my light in the world. I am very grateful that Anastasia shared this gift with me. —Megan Scott, yoga teacher & birth doula

Anastasia led me through some grounding and visualization to start off with, which gave me an added feeling of security as well as agency. Anastasia also stated clearly to me what type of physical contact she would be making during the session, and I didn’t feel pressured to give consent. I appreciated that she only touched those areas of my body which she told me she would touch beforehand. I’m someone who typically struggles with meditation and have trouble calming my mind long enough to reach any real form of a meditative state. Anastasia’s guided meditation kept me grounded and I was able to quiet my self-voice that keeps me from staying focused in that kind of session. —CD

I was feeling very connected and relaxed and was trying to work through some anxiety. Anastasia was able to find and clear up some energy built up around my knees and my heart and love and my head which was very helpful and she mentioned an image that she could see that was more like a prediction that actually appeared a few days later. Any time she was about to touch me she asked permission which is good for me because I’m uncomfortable about such things but I felt very comfortable with Anastasia and very relaxed after the session. It was very healing. —TK

After our session, I did feel more open energetically to what was around me and was pretty surprised to find that stayed with me for a while thereafter as well. The most notable change after our session was that I woke up Monday morning feeling lighter, and unable to engage the negative, obsessive, and cyclic thought patterns that I had been enjoying for the last few weeks – and I do mean “enjoying”.  I very much tried to indulge in those thought patterns like I was used to, but I was simply not able to.  My mind refused to go there!  In fact, that effect pretty much lasted until yesterday (at which point I was wondering if I should get another treatment – lol)! —AV