Conversations: Riham Adly and Anastasia Wasko



Creative writing is medicine. The transformative process of writing creatively can impact psychospiritual growth. Writing can be a spiritual experience, and spiritual experience informs psychological growth and vice versa. Speculative fiction and autofiction are means for powerful expression and transformation. Enjoy an unscripted conversation between two friends who are fascinated by these topics.

Riham Adly is an award-winning fiction writer and editor from Giza, Egypt. In 2013, her story “The Darker Side of the Moon” won the MAKAN award. In 2019 ,she was long-listed in Brilliant Flash Fiction’s food themed contest and in 2020 her story “How to Tell a Story from the Heart in Proper Time” was a winner and was included in the 2020 Best Micro-Fiction Anthology. In 2022 her story “Two Peas
in a Pod” won second place in the Strand International Flash Fiction Contest.

Riham was nominated for the Pushcart in 2019 and was nominated for Best of the Net in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Her flash fiction has appeared in over sixty journals and her collection Love is Make-Believe was published in November 2021 by Clarendon House publications in the United Kingdom.

Riham offers her signature workshops “ Flash Fiction: Writing From the Subconcious” and “Flash Fiction: Writing From Where We Dream” through various platforms. She is also the founder of “ Riham’s Cairo Book Club” and the “Let’s Write Short Stories” workshops in Egypt. She can be reached through her website


Hi there! Thanks for reading. I’m a writer, editor, and transpersonal guide who explores psychospiritual growth.

I write my own story. In that light, my writing is service–the stories I share about my own psychospiritual growth, the process of self exploration & self transformation, and the way culture affects us are my gift to the world.

I share the knowledge and processes that anyone can implement to achieve inner peace. This is a transpersonal point of view and embodied transformation through creative writing.

And, I explore the deep stuff–what we do when we recall past life experiences; how we engage the archetypal resonance of embodied experience; when to call the “weird stuff” you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and when to call a mental healthcare practitioner.

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BTW: I love tattoos and coffee.


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