Creative Nonfiction

The Concept // KiezKucker means “neighborhood watcher.” This is my character. I watch the world. // My first trip abroad was to Germany. I was 16. I went to live in the Black Forest in southern Germany, and I attended a German gymnasium (as my Junior high school year). I was a foreigner in a small town where I didn’t speak the language upon arrival. I spent a lot of time just looking around, reading between lines, letting the place communicate to me. // I made up the name KiezKucker because “Kiez” means “neighborhood” in German, but it’s used in the area around Berlin and not much else in other parts of the country. “Kucker” means “looker,” literally someone checking things out. I was in Berlin in 2014 when I thought of this word aka name. I liked it. The German word as a pen name/identifier is my way of honoring provenance. // I’ve been traveling for over 20 years. I’ve been writing KiezKucker over the last few. The stories are posted with a date at the end: the date is when the story actually happened.

Selected Pieces

Out in the Mojave Desert

Island Connection in New Jersey