Conversations: Sabrina Monarch and Anastasia Wasko


Self transformation is a process that is fed by ideas. I believe sharing ideas is as important as cultivating the mind-body-soul feedback loop. Ideas might be the things that open your mind and usher in shifts. This is why I share different ideas here on The Practice blog.

Sabrina Monarch invited me to be in conversation on her exquisite podcast The Magic of the Spheres. We talked about the concept of “alive language,” a mystical encounter in the midst of evacuating a hurricane, and more.

Here’s one place to listen to the episode. You can also find it wherever you listen to podcasts.

Sabrina Monarch is an evolutionary astrologer who has built relationships with the planets and the Universe itself. She has an MA in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). She also produces Magic of the Spheres. Read more on her website.