Who I Am

I am a person who is happy and free despite everything ever. I have a practice of transformation that always brings me home to myself.

I apply a spiritual worldview and creativity to my practice. I work with words and energy—exploring my inner world through a reflection practice, expanding the boundaries of my outer world through ideas, and expressing creatively what I find during the journey.

I’ve worked on me for a long time. It might seem like I have been all over the place, and it’s true. I have been. My expansive interests and range of experiences contribute to a rich pool of resources.

These aren’t ideas I grew up with; they are ideas I found and helped me grow. They lead to a total being transformation. Whatever comes my way, I trust I will get through. I always land on my feet.

I bring the integrity of my own practice to you now. I want to share my gifts with you. You might start being different.

Does what I write resonate with you?

If yes, then let’s start a deeper conversation. Join me in my world through my words, consultations, and workshops. I want you to get happy and free, too.

***Idam na mama // For the greater good of all***