Hi! I’m Anastasia Wasko. Thanks for visiting my nabe of hyperspace. I’m here for transformation practice, which includes reflection, creative expression, and talking ’bout the world as energy. My practice makes me happy and free. So make yourself a fresh cuppa and pull up. I’ll share some things to think about, learn, and do. I’ll show you how to change yourself by changing your relationship to the world. BTW: I love tattoos and coffee.



This piece of speculative fiction was birthed over a year-long period of isolation during the pandemic 2021/2021. I experienced a deep sense of rage and betrayal at watching the Trump administration mishandle the public health catastrophe. It was a series of events that shattered a semblance of normalcy in life routines and the last iota of logic and compassion in a government administration. It seemed like the United States was coming apart at the seams. Then I lived through the chaos of a housing crisis and a mental health crisis as a result of the housing crisis. I went to a dark place in my mind but came back and then experienced ego death. I learned that my world that fell apart was a world that I didn’t want to live in anyway. I was ushered into a new landscape of hope when I stepped into the idea that the psychological and metaphorical death I experienced was a gateway to another way of being, another form of being in myself, that was new but built upon the old. Vayux is written in four iterations of the same material to reflect this.

Vayux is a collection of four flash speculative fiction pieces. Each is an analog for psychological breakdown and breakthrough. Each contain an essence of rage at the betrayal of the feminine force by the masculine one. The idea is Earth as a sentient being has decided to cast off humanity for its rape of her and her resources. Underlying this is fluctuation of dynamic intrapsychic forces—my own, which led me into a period of shadow work.

Each time I read Vayux, another layer, facet is invoked. The process of psychological change is multifaceted. Likewise, this piece is incomplete and complete; it conveys a human process, even though the characters are nonhuman forms when you meet them. Vayux is a materialization of the psychological processes that shaped my experience of transformation during the last year. I had no other choice but to surrender to the chaos and let it lead me to a new place inside. When I make art like this, it is deeply personal but also, in my opinion, resonates on an archetypal level. I sought/we seek connection but lived/live in isolated inner worlds. I/we die everyday in different ways. I/we have the chance to start over again and live.