Group Dark Ceremony

Book a place in a group Dark Ceremony here.

The Practice asks you to explore your inner world, creative expressive abilities, and ideas that might be foreign to you but make you feel at home. You might feel like you’re reaching blindly in the dark to find the light of self transformation. But if you trust the process—you’ll shift something.

This is a workshop rooted engages the imagination for self transformation. We write. You don’t need to be a writer or consider yourself imaginative. Just show up and be open to the possibility that things could be different for you.

A group Dark Ceremony includes…

  • Guided meditation: An exercise to ground in time and space and tap into the creative force.
  • Reflection: A mirror turned inward to gain insight through the body-mind-soul feedback loop.
  • Creative writing: The flashpoint of catharsis through creative expression happens when we see on paper what we subjectively need to see in the world, whether it’s objectively true or not.

This workshop happens online via Zoom. Have a journal, pen, and any objects that have a story or significance near you. Plan to be uninterrupted for approximately 2 hours. (There is a 15-minute break during the workshop.) Kindly remember to hold the space for the other participants who are in the group.