Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts and inspired for use in the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes and move toward soul-centered personal evolution. You are encouraged to explore your current experience within the context that your mind is working in (the astrological weather) and to engage your unique self (the soul) here in this time and place.

The time period around a new moon is especially good for connecting to your inner voice and planting thought—heart seeds for things that you would like to manifest. What you’re manifesting should be informed by what you find during the reflection (prompt below).

We meet a Gemini new moon on June 13.

The vibe of Gemini, the archetype of the trickster, is wishy washy. Things change based on information. A label makes something or breaks something. Communication is a queen’s work in the king’s sign.

You may or may not buy into the labels at all.

Think of how things exist on a spectrum. We understand what is by comparing it to what isn’t. But the wishy-washy part of it all is that sometimes things seem true, and other times, those things are not true at all. Sometimes a label applies, and sometimes it doesn’t. Think about the expanding conversation of gender. There are people who identify as male, as female, and something in between, as nothing in between. Consider the thought process that goes into that type of declaration of identity. Do you have fluid conversations (whether it’s about gender or something else) with yourself? How do you  handle your own wishy-washy?

REFLECTION PROMPT: How can you establish lines of communication to your self? How do you handle the ebb and flow of truth? 

June 11, 2018