Planet Dust Enterprises

Planet Dust Enterprises (PDE) is an online business that produces media and workshops for folx who want to write their own story. PDE culture revolves around The Practice: transformation through reflection, creative expression, and a spiritual worldview.

The signature PDE workshop is a group Dark Ceremony where we do The Practice together. Tools for your practice are available in the online store. The Practice Offer is a great deal to get started with!

Additionally, PDE is a micropublisher of original works.

I created PDE after experiencing the several personal crises against the backdrop of communal crises of 2020. “Planet Dust” is a metaphorical place that is a state of peace. I relied on my practice, which includes applying reflection, creative expression, and a spiritual worldview to self care, to get through crises and return to peace, to Planet Dust and me, a joy-filled, hopeful, resilient woman. I realized that many people were drowning in the challenges of 2020 because they didn’t have their own practice of transformation. So I resolved to make my practice available to others. You too can return to your own joy, hope, and resilience if you commit to The Practice.