Orgonite Pyramids: La Matadora Group Show

Hi! I’m Anastasia Wasko. Thanks for visiting my nabe of hyperspace. I’m here for creative expression, expansive conversations, and transformation. These three things constellate presence in me, in you, and in the world. The higher octave of presence is the ability to write your own story. I did! And I still do. How does that work? You align with your dharma narrative and place in the cosmos. Your authenticity becomes currency. You go into life and return home to yourself. You are happy and free. Sound like a flight of fancy? Show up for it. Imagination is a powerful force. Inner work is the hardest work. The practice is a journey, and it’s my job to bring the practice to the world. So make yourself a fresh cuppa and pull up. I’ll share some things to think about, learn, and do. I’ll show you how to change yourself by changing your relationship to the world. BTW: I love tattoos and coffee. And I drop a lotta sci fi refs. Let’s boldly go to inner space.

Orgonite Pyramids: La Matadora Group Show

I use orgonite in energy work. My time in the southern California desert between 2018 and 2020 was a pilgrimage that realigned me with a personal power rooted in creativity and amplified by a spiritual connection. The desert landscape in southern California allowed me to spend a lot of time burning, changing, and transmuting layers of ego that had distanced me from my creative expression. I made these pyramids to use in energy work and amplify the creative impulse.

Pieces shown at La Matadora Gallery’s “Occulted Religion” show in Joshua Tree, California; December 2019

Materials: Resin, broken glass, copper-plated bibis, copper wire, glass crystal, broken glass (picked in 29 Palms), rough quartz (picked in 29 Palms), sand (gathered in 29 Palms), reiki energy

Sacred geometry attributes power to shapes and symbols like the square, circle, and triangle, which in 3D form, become the cube, sphere, and pyramid. The triangle is the alchemical representation of fire, change, transmutation. Occult knowledge allows a skilled practitioner to access personal power through a metaphorical and literal process of burning, changing, and transmuting layers of human experience. Three dimensional, low vibration matter is broken down and changed to allow for fifth dimensional, higher vibration alignment. People are in their power when in alignment with their higher self that is beyond time and space.

Each pyramid is a portal to a higher dimension. The portal is accessible through the third eye. The land from the southern California desert is rumored to be a stargate to other dimensions; it contains traces of Earth’s fifth dimensional essence. This is why I added it to the pieces. The pyramids are within a square of reiki energy that is within a sphere that is calibrated to the violet flame: they are activators, generators, and transmuters of light for the person who holds them.