Yo, Millennials
Let’s put those woowoo beliefs to use in clinical practice.

Let’s chat. I’ll give you a half hour of my time (worth $150) free so you can hear my ideas about mixing yer book training on human psychology with direct experience of spirit.

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If we haven’t met…I’m Anastasia Wasko

I am a transpersonal guide with a bachelors in transpersonal psychology, and I’m finishing my master’s degree right meow. I’ve been helping people for over 20 years to navigate self transformation through reflection and creative expression. Now I’m available to help you help your people!

The highest form of spirituality is relating being to being in a way that is kind, compassionate, and true to each other. We, as practitioners of a multitude of modalities for healing and transformation, are doing some really fudging important, holy work.

The most important guideline in my teachings is two-fold: you are the agent of your own experience. You have what you need around you. And, your client knows their inner life best. We can swoop in with educated guesses and approximations of what’s happening and what might help the client. But the client is the one responsible for doing the work of transformation. Your job is to create a safe space for them to do that.

I’ve been through the ringer. I can sniff out spaces that aren’t safe from miles away.

Even though I now have inner peace, I used to live with a lot of disconnection. I went about my life not understanding myself, and I didn’t let anyone in because I was confused and ashamed about that. My soul burned from not knowing how I fit into the world. Everything seemed like one big dumpsterfire that I didn’t want to be a part of. I became interested in spirituality as a young girl, and as I got older, I set off to explore that more. But there were underlying psychological issues. And I didn’t trust anyone in the mental health field. I felt they wanted to make me into something I’m not, like they weren’t listening to be. I felt my true self inside, under all the chaos, and wondered how I would come out of it.

I set off to explore that more. But there were underlying psychological issues. My low point came. The disconnection overwhelmed me. And with that, I surrendered. I received a diagnosis, committed to treatment of my issues, and I started a serious self care routine. I re-framed my life’s journey as a journey of self exploration, one that integrates insights from therapy with spiritual beliefs. And I let it all out. I wrote and wrote and wrote in a stream of consciousness. It was pure relief.

For the first time in my life, I understood myself. I felt plugged in. I understood who I was in the world. My mental health changed, and I opened into a profound realization that working with (rather than against) my bipolar disorder and the challenges related to it was my life’s journey. So now I’m committed to rewriting the entire mental health narrative.

Let’s find your connection to the world.

Limited sessions available!

During this 30-minute Light My Fire session, you’ll receive laser-focused, custom solutions to help you woowoo beliefs to use in clinical practice.

Get crystal clear about how you want to engage with your client

Gain 2-3 powerful strategies to applying spiritual guidance to your practice

Client Testimonial

Allison Braun, Artist

At first I didn’t know what I was looking for. I started coming to fire ceremonies because I felt like it was comforting and grounding. I was coming for the meditation at first. Then I realized I was seeking spirituality because I didn’t have anything. Another thing I’ve been seeking through this spirituality thing is self love. I really needed to find it.

It took a while to chip away at this, but I did break the loop. I started working with you in 2016, but it was in 2017 that I really started to feel shifts in my energy and body. And I have stayed with her since, attending her follow-up group ceremonies.
A big thing that shifted was I started to treat myself with more kindness. I feel more comfortable with myself now. And I bring that to the world.

Limited sessions available