Group Light Ceremony

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In a group Light Ceremony, we do transformation work in community. The external noise volume is turned down and the inner voice volume is turned up. Cleansing energetic fields is good for the commons, each other, and our planet.

A group Light Ceremony includes…

  • Homa: A Vedic ritual for peace. Homa includes chanting and meditating with the light of the fire. Benefits of homa include subtle energetic cleansing; homa removes pollutants in the body and mind.
  • Reflection: A mirror turned inward. Give yourself time and space with yourself and your journal. It is an opportunity to see what the inner life is projecting/injecting on the outer life.
  • Guided imagery & reiki: Guided imagery taps into the imagination while stillness settles into the body, supporting the integration of what you worked on during the homa and reflection.

This event happens online via Zoom. Have a journal, pen, and any sacred objects near you. Plan to be uninterrupted for approximately 1 hour. Kindly remember to hold the space for the other participants who are in the group.