Creative writing and energy work can change your vibration

I spent a long time being out of control in my body and mind. Through the commitment to a self-care practice that includes creative writing and energy work, I have achieved a level of wellness in my body and mind that makes me feel like I resonate with the cosmos.

My vibration, aka the way I experience the world, changed.

And that transformation informs the work I do now. I write for personal evolution. I write about personal evolution. It’s my job to share the process with you as much as it is my job to take care of me.

My culture, aka the way I do things in the world, revolves around personal wellness.

You know what I’ve learned over the past few years of doing this work? Living with personal wellness as a baseline takes a lot of guts. You have to make a lot of choices, and sometimes the culture that you’re from doesn’t agree with or understand or support those choices.

But all we can do is practice taking care.

And there is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing someone light up in moments of self revelation and self expression.

I bring the integrity of my self-care practice and my transformation story to the offerings I provide to you. My superpowers are holding space and making funny words. And I really like when funny words become vehicles for healing.

I’ve done courses at Surya Ayurvedics in Kerala, India and The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Additionally, I study other languages to deepen my understanding of the ways reality can be constructed. Additionally, I’m a staff writer/editor for the Parapsychological Association.

Let’s vibe.

Creative writing as a tool for personal evolution

I use travel as a literal and metaphorical way to explore the work of self transformation and growth. I like to say that you’ve got to find your own way of navigating life with your ego as your map and your gut feeling as your compass. Your inner landscape is your outer space. Words facilitate the exchange and exploration of those areas. Personal evolution happens in the exchange.

I write with a style crafted through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and fervent reflection. My voice is strong, sure, and bright—the way I’d like to express myself.

Language identity (how you use words to define you) and psycho-spiritual growth (how your experience defines you) and cultures (how your world defines you) are recurring themes in my nonfiction and creative work, naturally.

Energy work as a tool for personal evolution

My energy work is offered to help you cultivate power, intuition, and self agency. Reiki, homa, mantra, pranayama, asana: I facilitate these exchanges for you to facilitate shifts in yourself. There’s more about all that here: EVOL self care services.

I like to contextualize the self-growth process by engaging relevant, contemporary scientific research that proves subtle energetic work has a profound effect on inner and outer landscapes. Looping in astrological insight helps, too. I believe that once you become aware of the way celestial bodies can inform your experience, you get deeper into the work of unlocking energy through your mind.

Reflecting (which I also refer to as journaling) can help you figure out where you want to go. The words you use, discover, re-use, and refine contribute to the way you talk about yourself. It’s the most accessible form of energy work in my opinion.

Let’s get language-ing!