Space Cowboy Books Presents: Simultaneous Times Vol 2

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Publication announcement!

Space Cowboy Books Presents: Simultaneous Times Vol 2 was published on June 18, 2021. My story “The Activator” appears in it. I created the character several years ago while living in the wooded, earthy Catskill Mountains of New York. It wasn’t until I was in the sparse, harsh landscape of the high desert in Joshua Tree, California that the character’s story came out. The Activator is being in outer space that needed to come to Earth. When it arrived, its energy clashed with what it found. Beautiful original artwork by Zara Kand accompanies my story.

I wrote “The Activator” to channel the aspect of fierceness that accompanies starting something new. Old habits die hard. Sometimes the new ones have to eat them.

From the website: From Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree, California. The second volume of the companion book series to the Space Cowboy Books Presents: Simultaneous Times science fiction anthology podcast. In Simultaneous Times Volume Two Space Cowboy Books brings you a collection of science fiction short stories from our local Hi-Desert authors, featuring both stories that have been featured on the podcast, as well as some appearing for the first time. An eclectic mix of approaches to the science fiction genre which range from rebellions against oppressive robots to alien encounters to pure campy fun, with writing styles varying from traditional to experimental. The collection features nine different authors, each paired up with five different illustrators to bring each story to life with original artwork.

Get a copy of the book here.

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