What I Do

Writing is my work. It takes me to many different places.

Sometimes, I land in autofiction. In this realm of reality mixed with imagination, I jump all over the metaphorical universe, converse with non-human characters, and engage with abstraction so I might create a place for the narratives I feel within me. I move through speculative fiction, too. The relativity of time and space is best explored here.

Creative writing is catharsis. Nonfiction writing is genesis.

Other times, I show up in creative nonfiction: I write about real travel and cultural exchange. It’s the space I need to reflect back my identities that have ebbed and flowed within language, geography, and social boundaries. I also write about my journey of embodying a lifestyle of transformation through a spiritual worldview and creative expression.

I write about the state of the planet—sometimes it feels like fiction, but the way things are now is a result of how we have treated Earth and each other. Facts. I promote planetary culture by continually returning to the most important theme in my work: we are interconnected.