Transformation Work

We all need transformation at this point in time and space.

The old normal was rooted in systemic injustice. The new normal invalidates the global uprising against systemic injustice. Folx want to move on from a year of pandemic stress, social isolation, and political division, but we haven’t done the work yet. We have to change our relationship to each other and the planet. I don’t want to be normal. I want to be something different.

I believe transformation on an individual level is the starting point for transformation on a collective level.

I am developing programs to teach more people how to do the process of transformation. The world needs to heal, and we need to support each other in that healing. My programs will focus on language and writing your own story. My autofiction workshops will engage your imagination so you can write your narrative shift. My reflection workshops will guide you through engaging the body-mind-soul feedback loop and exploring your inner landscape so you can explore your experience and start to learn who you are in alignment with your higher purpose.

Both workshops invite you to step out of familiar thought patterns, cultural doing patterns, and emotional experiences so you can expand your worldviews. Both help you figure out who you are and your relationship with the world that serves your soul and the greater good of all.

My heart goes out to folx who don’t have or know their community, and especially those folx whose community changed during 2020. I believe we would treat ourselves with more humanity if we had a better understanding of who we are. We would treat others with more humanity, too. Let’s not be normal together. Let’s make planetary culture and act and do with each other in mind.