Energy Work

I offer group and individual energy work through EVOL, a healing practice. EVOL supports self discovery. Explore who you are through a spiritual framework and transform your field of experience.

Check the EVOL Facebook page to see what group workshops are running. Group workshope include a mix of reiki, homa, guided meditation, reflection, astrological chart review (Pluto and the nodes), and discussion. 

  • To book an individual session, please select an appointment by viewing my availability calendar here:
  • I will reach out to confirm your appointment. Payment is due at booking to secure the time. All individual sessions are $100 each, happen over Zoom, and are one hour in length
      • INNER GURU: Homa, reflection, guided meditation with reiki to establish a connection to the present and receive guidance from your higher self
      • STAR MAP: Natal chart review to learn about the design of your human experience and ignite your evolutionary potential
      • COSMIC CHARGE: Reiki to restore and refresh your subtle bodies with special attention to the heart and power centers

Not sure or curious about what I do? I kindly invite you to sit with my words. I offer my experiences on my own journey of personal evolution on my blog. Start with Mindfulness and culture making and Growing through fire.

***Idam na mama // For the greater good of all***