Where I Meet Me

Art is the application of creative force to a medium. I make art with words.

I want to convey to you that words are the building blocks of ideas, and ideas are the structures that organize our individual realities. I make my art as portals to different levels of consciousness. I write with the following questions in mind: Do you understand the thing I am bringing into the world? Do you understand my construction of reality? If you can’t perceive my reality, does it even exist? When do I get to (in)validate another person’s reality? In the conversation between the seer and the seen, between the writer and the reader, between the inner and outer worlds (the subject-object paradox), where do I stop and where do I begin? At what point does the subject-object paradox eclipse the validity of the work? Whose work is it anyway?

Words are energy and words transmit energy. I make my art to channel my and invoke your aliveness. I handle the immense power in creative force with love and respect.

I believe words are living things. Language in its pure form is aliveness, each expression a permutation of divine creative force.

I believe the way we think about language and creative expression needs to change. We need to value that which is not conventional, that which conveys essence over perfected form, that which advances the conversation around the roles of writer and reader, that which shifts realities because that is implementing language in its exalted form.

Finished pieces (printed books, published blogs) have a market, but it excludes language that isn’t tamed. I intend on bringing untamed language to the market, material that activates your mind and breaks up old ideas while flowing new ones in. I want to divorce the idea that art needs to have monetary value to be worthy of its creation and marry one in which a space for interaction with the creative force is necessary so that all human beings can embody their aliveness. My word art is meant to be a portal to another level of reality.