Reflection Workshops

Figuring out who you are is hard work, but the work makes living with authenticity easier.

You are a reflection of the time and space you are in. Your inner world holds the light and the dark of your human experience. Are you reflecting joy or dis-ease to the outer world?

My signature practice for a journey of transformation includes reflecting on sensory input from the body-mind-soul feedback loop. I’ve created a guide book and card deck to support your explorations. These tools teach you how to tap into the feedback loop between the body-mind-soul, navigate your inner world aka inner solar system, and learn how your outer world can be shaped through culture making so you can create space to see yourself and others in authenticity. It’s how we learn who we really are.

These reflection workshops give you the time and space to go inside and explore. Know you are supported by the group field.

  • The workbook provides a framework and explanation of a soul-centered, energy-based worldview so you can learn the conceptual foundation for the transformation practice I offer.
  • The astrology-based card deck goes along with the guide book. The cards have reflection prompts so you can be in your journey of transformation and healing.

New to the “energy thing”? Trying to process changes in your life post 2020? Curious? Want try something different because some things in your life just aren’t working anymore? Needing to figure out your purpose and align with your higher purpose? The reflection workshops are for you.