Autofiction Workshops

Figuring out who you are is hard workwhat if your imagination helped you try out different narratives?

You are a character in a narrative—a person occupying a name, role, and a place in a culture. But are you you or a character someone else has made for you?

Often, we are confused by who we think we should be, other peoples impressions and expectations of us, and the soul truth. Explore different versions of yourself until you experience one that fits just rightyour soul truth. Write your own story from that space.

These autofiction workshops are creative expression in its peak form. Autofiction is autobiographical fiction. It allows you make yourself a character in a narrative or version of your life that might not factually exist as is. By writing out (re)imagined scenes, you are giving yourself the material experience to know what if … by seeing it on the page.

  • The workshops are generative. We write. But you don’t have to be a writer or know how to write. I’ll teach you how to play with the form so it works for you.
  • The workshops are cathartic. We engage creative expression for transformation. Shift perspectives by giving yourself the opportunity to see yourself and be seen in a world of your creation.

Words are energy. Energy is supposed to move because that’s its nature. If you are feeling stuck or blocked, the first place to move some energy is in your mind through your thoughts. The creative expression you find through autofiction might be the catharsis you need so your energy starts to flow again, and the genesis for a whole new understanding of yourself and story that you write for yourself, not others.

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