September 11 Group Light Ceremony

September 11, 11am CT to 12.30pm CT

OPEN to everyone.
Sit for meditation with fire (homa), reflection (based on astrological insight), and healing touch in a group setting.
This self care practice will transform your well-being. Find restoration, activation, and connection across time and space during the ceremony.
All you need to do is show up.
The Light Ceremony includes…
Homa: A Vedic ritual for peace. Homa includes chanting and meditating with the light of the fire. Benefits of homa include subtle energetic cleansing; homa removes pollutants in the body and mind.
Reflection: A time to look inward. Call it journaling, self exploration, creative expression through words and images. An opportunity to see what the inner life is projecting/injecting on the outer life.
Healing touch: Receive energy (prana) flowed to you, allow yourself the integration of what you worked on during the homa and reflection.
PLEASE EMAIL “mail [at] anastasiawasko [dot] com” to register. This is a virtual ceremony (happens over Zoom). If you’d like to donate (below), you’ll automatically get an email with Zoom details.
Have a journal, pen, and any sacred objects near you. Plan to be uninterrupted for approximately 1.5 hrs. Kindly remember to hold the space for the other participants who are in the group.
Donation: $20 (suggested)