Energy needs to move. It’s a dynamic thing. So the practice of yoga helps you pause–freeze-frame a moment–and witness what’s happening, find what the sensation is. The practice of creative expression includes handling stuff the stuff you find, reflecting on it, loving on it no matter what, then letting it go and letting your self feel a little lighter and free. 

Anastasia has named her signature yoga-teaching style “EVOL Yoga.” Word play meets moment and moves.

Working with words is like moving through space and time. Working with words and the body together is literally bending the rules–thought patterns–of your mind and finding flow in space and time. 

EVOL yoga is asana practice that blends hatha and restorative postures with gentle vinyasa flow sequences. Language prompts encourage mindful engagement of thoughts (“Let’s set an intention. Let’s start a conversation. What do I intend to achieve with today’s practice?”). Layers of creative visualization (“As you lay in savasana, envision roots shooting out of the places where you feel your body connected to the floor, Earth”) and guided meditation (“Imagine yourself floating to a safe space…”) facilitate a connection between your sense of self and your presence in any given moment.

Fire is light. It illuminates darkness. It transforms stuff. Fire is a powerful and instant connection the divine outside of you and inside of you. 

Additionally, Anastasia incorporates homa, the Vedic fire ceremony, into yoga practice. Homa is a ritual for peace that includes chanting and meditation with the light of the fire. Homa is a subtle energetic cleansing; it removes pollutants in the body and mind.


Anastasia did teacher training at Mudita Yoga Lab in Kingston, New York. She has also studied ayurveda and yoga in Kerala, India.


Yoga with Anastasia is offered for individuals/very small groups at her private space in Kingston, NY.

  • Individual sessions: $30 per hour, per person (suggested)
  • 5-pack individual sessions: $125 (suggested)
  • Groups: per negotiated rate

Public homa is offered on Tuesday evenings in KIngston and is by donation.  Please “like” EVOL_Yoga on Facebook to RSVP. Additionally, private homa is available upon request. Please inquire.


Creative expression workshops that support the same goal but do not include the physical practice can be found here: