I am a writer and energy worker based in the Hudson Valley in New York. EVOL is  my microbusiness through which I offer self care services.

I help you bring your spiritual practice to your cultural world. Let’s translate: That means going inside your mind and body to connect with your spirit nature. That means reconciling your cultural world with your spiritual practice, as in, the way you are supposed to do things with the way you need to do things.

It’s hard work to balance the spirit nature with our cultural nurture, even harder when we don’t have people who vibe with how we’re moving toward wellness.

But I’m good at practicing. And I’d be happy to serve you in your practice, too.

Let’s vibe.

  • For writing or energy work, please get in touch here

I use travel as a literal and metaphorical way to do the work. I like to say that you’ve got to find your own way of navigating life with your ego as your map and your gut feeling as your compass. Your inner landscape is your outer space.

I’ve got stories, information, and tools to share.

My nonfiction writing explores being human through the interactions of spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies. Identity and psycho-spiritual growth are recurring themes. I write with a layered style crafted through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and a movement and meditation practice. My voice is strong, funny, and real—just what you would expect from a woman who is living life by making her own culture.

My energy work is offered to help you cultivate power, intuition, and self agency. Check out the offerings here: EVOL self care services. I like to contextualize the self-growth process by engaging relevant, contemporary scientific research that proves subtle energetic work has a profound effect on inner and outer landscapes. If you feel stuck in yourself and you’re not sure where you are or where you belong, show up for work with me. You will benefit.

I am especially interested in working with people who are going through spiritual emergence, as well as reading and writing “the-weirdest-thing-happened” stories. I am a student of yoga, shamanic reiki, evolutionary astrology, parapsychology, ayurveda, and the creative process. Additionally, I study other languages to deepen my understanding of the ways reality can be constructed. I like to write in Spanish and German.

I am a Level 2 Usui reiki practitioner. I’ve studied yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy for nearly 20 years, including courses at Surya Ayurvedics in Kerala, India and The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.