These tools are used in EVOL ceremonies and practices. They are made with love.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the items, and/or if you are interested in having one of the items customized to suit your needs, please reach out.

EVOL Orgonite
Hand-poured EVOL orgonite; contains quartz and copper to recalibrate energetic imbalances in the environment. // USES: Place near electronic appliances and anywhere that the energy feels stiff and stagnant. Use to create a shape in sacred ceremony. Keep in pocket as a charm for staying true to you.

Each piece of EVOL orgonite is charged with reiki energy. FREE RECHARGES FOR LIFE.

Pieces are approximately 1″ wide.


Sold as a 4-pack. $20

REIKI SYMBOL choku rei (power) ORGONITE

((picture coming soon))

Sold as single. $7.

Eye of EVOL Mirror
Use the mirror as a focal point. Use this mirror to recite your affirmations WHILE you focus on what you see. Some mirrors have words to use as mantras or affirmations; some do not.

Each Eye of EVOL Mirror is charged with reiki energy. FREE RECHARGES FOR LIFE.

Mirror size is approximately 1.5″ wide. Made from upcycled materials and crystals/mirror piece set in resin.

PICTURE: Eye of EVOL with beej mantra. “RAM” is the beej mantra for the manipura chakra (3rd chakra/power center). Say “RAM” like rum over and over and stoke your power energetic center. Boost the signal of your self worth.

Sold as single. $10

Hand painted. Place the skelly on an altar as a reminder to tell your shadow stories. They are the bones of your experience.

Skellies are approximately 3″ tall. Made with upcycled material.

Sold as single. $8

Hand painted. Use the matches during ceremony to burn what doesn’t serve you.

Each match box is charged with reiki energy.

Single match box. $3

Handmade. Special editions made by Smell the Damn Roses. Journals come with lined or unlined paper.

Approximately 5″ x 7″.

Single journal. $7