Living outside the lines requires power, intuition, and the ability to navigate life as you go. If you want to…

  • Experience lightness in your being
  • Experience freedom in your mind
  • Experience communion in your space

Get yourself some EVOL self care and evolve into the fullest expression of who you are. Return to a state of self love.

EXCHANGE: $50/hour  per person for a customized on-site session; please ask about a group exchange


Meet your body in space

My body-based offerings are “EVOL”–yoga asana, reiki, and homa. I craft you a customized asana practice of hatha, yin, and restorative postures with gentle vinyasa flow sequences so you have yoga (union) with your body. An EVOL session can also incorporate reiki, the healing touch through which life energy flows, and homa, the Vedic fire ceremony for purification of inner and outer environments, and guided meditation for complete integration with the physical body. I intuit what your body needs. Working with me through an EVOL session helps you move towards a feeling lightness and power in your being.

Meet your mind in space

My mind-based offering is “the syntax rugrat”–journaling and creative visualization. the syntax rugrat sessions use language to facilitate yoga (union) with the mind. I guide you through exploring sensations in the mental body, expressing growth through imagination, and evolving your ego through creativity. rugrat sessions include mantra creation and repetition to shift energy in the thoughts, as well as breath work for grounding and guided meditation for integration. Working with me through a rugrat session helps you find the freedom to follow your intuition.

Meet me in space

EVOL events, including homa and self-affirming ceremonies, are offered on a regular basis in Kingston, NY. Please check the Facebook page and newsletter for current schedules.

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