Achieving wellness in this world is hard work. Embracing a spirit nature as well as a human nature is hard work. Balancing a spiritual practice with a cultural practice is hard work. I keep it simple and sweet with applied spiritual practices such as curated reflection and expression, ceremony, and held space. Receive the benefits of connecting body-mind-spirit through self care.

  • Activate agency in your mind
  • Experience lightness in your being
  • Plug in to your highest vibration

When we explore, express, and EVOLve, we reflect LOVE. We feel good moving through space and time. You vibe?

EXCHANGE: $100/hour for a customized, individualized on-site session; please ask about online and group rates


A session with me is time and space for you to work on you. Move past stuff, be present, get future stuff going. Each session is customized to an individual, and may include…

Reiki, homa, mantra, and pranayama. I incorporate reiki (hands-on or hands-off life energy conduction) and homa (a Vedic fire ceremony for purification of inner and outer environments) into a ceremony that helps get energy moving.  I facilitate sessions of pranayama (breathwork) to help you access the space between inhale/exhale, mantra (chanting) to create seismic shifts in the subtle body.

Guided Imagination. I lead you on a journey through inner space so you can process thoughts and emotions. Part creative visualization, part guided meditation,  I talk you through these processes to cultivate body-mind-spirit integration by allowing you to do things, imagine things that might not be physically possibly but are definitely necessary in your process of psycho-spiritual growth. Thoughts are energy, too.

Meet me in space

Public EVOL events, including homa and self-affirming ceremonies, are offered on a rolling basis. Please check the Facebook page and newsletter for current schedules.

  • Book an EVOL session (public or private) through the contact form here