How do you set yourself a-light? It takes practice.

“Sadhana” is a Sanskrit word that means daily spiritual practice.  It is through sadhana that individuals start to navigate their human experiences as spiritual beings. Sadhana gives individuals a connection to themselves and to something greater than themselves. Self awareness increases. Empowerment happens through conscious choice making. Manifesting

Sadhana can include yoga, journaling, and the reading of sacred literature.



EVOL: Reflect on your body in space

Anastasia’s body-based offerings are “EVOL”–yoga asana, reiki, and homa. Asana practice blends hatha and restorative postures with gentle vinyasa flow sequences. Reiki, the healing touch through which life energy flows, and homa, the Vedic fire ceremony for purification of inner and outer environments, are incorporated into practices for a complete energetic work-through of the body. Meet Anastasia on the mat by booking a yoga session through the contact form here. Please  “like” EVOL on Facebook.

the syntax rugrat: Reflect on your mind in space

Anastasia’s mind-based offering is “the syntax rugrat”–journaling, creative visualization, and guided meditation. the syntax rugrat uses language to facilitate yoga with the mind. Journey through inner space, organize your thought body, and gain access to your intuitive side. Beam in to your true self. Journaling prompts are available here. Please “like” the syntax rugrat on Facebook.

Dillidallier: Arts n’ crafts n’ tools for living

Anastasia works with makers and artists to provide handmade items for use in sadhana. Current pieces include journals, energetic jewelry, crystal and journaling kits, manifesting kits, orgonite, and art for altars. The blog unpacks a spiritual practice and journey so that sadhana becomes tangible for all. Items are for sale through etsy. Please “like” Dillidallier on Facebook.