Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts. The prompt is meant to engage the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes. These reflection prompts stimulate self study (svadhyaya).

We meet a new moon in Virgo on September 9.

The vibe of Virgo, the archetype of the goddess, is here to play the heartstrings of memory, remind us that we are whole as we are. We are perfect as we are. We are pure. Our Virgoan qualities are here to process, clean up, all parts of us that are fragmented. Our broken-ness. Our pieces.

A friendly reminder: you are everything, even when you feel not good enough.

Remember, too, that all the planets now leaving their retrograde placements from the summer might leave pieces of you in the wave of their movement. Perhaps it feels like you have been left in pieces after the summer. Gather them.

Know that it’s prime time to sit with all of them.

Use the lack of external light during this dark moon and feel for spaces outside and inside. Activate your own line. Shine. Picture yourself in the inside and outside spaces. Shine. Your brilliance will melt away impurities. Shine. It’s OK if it the your light suddenly illuminates how messy everything is. Shine.

In this window of time, you have the power and Virgo fierceness. The goddess in you can clean, clear, and create–

A clean slate.

So you are back to wholeness.

And this whole-ing process might give you insight into your next project–getting the best version of yourself out there today.

REFLECTION PROMPT: What will you do now? 

September 9, 2018