Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts to engage the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes. These reflection prompts are meant to stimulate self exploration.

The time period during eclipses can feel more dramatic, more emotional, more electric. Solar eclipses stimulate things that are coming into our personality (ego experience) and lunar eclipses disseminate things that are leaving that filtered-vision of reality.

We meet an Aquarius full moon on July 27. It’s also a lunar eclipse. But don’t buy into the hype… just yet.

The time period of the days around a full moon is especially good for taking a step back and contemplating the events, including thoughts and feelings, that you  experienced since the new moon/beginning of the lunar cycle.

The vibe of Aquarius, the archetype of the teacher, is edgy. Part far out, part far in to commUNITY, Aquarius is the part of you that wants to have utopia with your tribe rn. Can’t we all just vibe?

It’s not all shiny, happy, easy to do.

Think back to the new moon in July, when the archetype of Cancer rubbed all our raw spots. Hit home with the feels. And now think about how if your home isn’t happy, you act out somewhere else. Think about how if you’re cast out from a tribe or don’t have one, you act out–maybe against yourself and maybe against others. Let the teacher show up in the drama-rama and see what the lesson is. It’s in you.

You can buy into the hype of this powerful eclipse if you bring honest and curiosity to your reflections. The effects will manifest if you are ready for real change. And trusting in that idea is pretty edgy.

REFLECTION PROMPT: Describe who you are as if you were introducing yourself to your tribe? HINT: You can be anyone you want to be.

July 27, 2018