EVOL fuses energy work and creative writing for personal transformation

Creative writing and energy work are tools that bring you closer to joy by helping you align your self with your highest vibration. The process is creative, generative, restorative. A regular routine of this high vibe self care will help you move through personal transformation

How? I open up and hold sacred space. That’s where you can…

  • Attune to your spiritual nature
  • Remember who you were born to be
  • Create a practice around transformation

I know that embracing a spirit nature is hard work. Just being human is hard work! So I facilitate reflection exercises (creative writing) and monitor the wavelengths (energy work) for you to…

  • Witness your experience in time and space

You do the work of getting to know yourself, processing, manifesting. It might include moving metaphorically through cultures, being different versions of yourself, and exploring who you are in places you’ve never been. It might be a really weird experience, and it might be a hard experience. But the experience might literally change your current life.


An EVOL session is divided into three phases: arrive, explore, integrate. No two sessions are ever exactly alike. All I ask is that you show up with curiosity to explore, then express and EVOLve so you can radiate your joy when you plug in.

EXCHANGE: $50 for a half-hour session and $75 for a one-hour private session

  • Choose a time or email to arrange a mutually convenient time
    • Onsite or virtual (BUT onsite appointments are very limited)
    • Travel costs are added to onsite sessions
  • Please inquire for group rates/structures
    • Group (and or public) sessions are by donation; see event details


You can and should initiate self reflection. Self reflection is the foundation for your ability to evolve and move toward accessing your joy. Prompts are always available for free on this website under the category DIY Your Mind.

Guided imagination. I lead you on a journey through inner space so you can process thoughts and emotions. Part creative visualization, part guided meditation,  I talk you through these processes to cultivate body-mind-spirit integration by allowing you to do things, imagine things that might not be physically possibly but are definitely necessary in your process of psycho-spiritual growth.

You should experience energy work through EVOL. Here is what I offer:

Reiki, homa, mantra, and pranayama. I incorporate reiki (hands-on or hands-off life energy conduction) and homa (a Vedic fire ceremony for purification of inner and outer environments) to help get energy moving.  I facilitate increments of pranayama (breathwork) and mantra (chanting) to create seismic shifts in the subtle body.

Meet me in space

Public EVOL events, including homa and self-affirming ceremonies, are offered on a rolling basis. Please check the Facebook page and newsletter for current schedules.

  • Let’s get a conversation started here