Consultations are on hiatus until Spring 2022

Types of Consultations

  • LIGHT CEREMONY: Homa, guided imagery, and reiki to plug in to the present and receive guidance from your soul (higher self)
    • Recommended if you are new to the idea of an energy-based, divine-design worldview OR already have a creative expression practice so you can experience an activation to a different level of consciousness

Suggested to process teachings (life lessons)

  • REIKI: Reiki to restore and refresh your subtle bodies with special attention to the heart and power centers
    • Recommended for all folx as self care so you can experience rest and rejuvenation in the body and mind.
      • This is a healing experience that should be accessed during states of ease or dis-ease in your being
      • MOST POPULAR consultation

  • NATAL CHART: Astrology to explore the design of your human experience and evolutionary potential
    • Recommended if you have a soul-centered practice so you can (re)align with your path of evolution and know how to process teachings (life lessons)
      • Suggested to deepen a sense of interconnectedness to the world and yourself

Curious but not sure? I kindly invite you to sit with my words from my own journey of coming home to myself. Start with Mindfulness and culture making and then try Growing through fire. I also invite you to book a free, 15-minute vibe check to see if there’s alchemy.