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Reflection Prompt: Eclipse Season

Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts for the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes and engage our cultural space. These reflection prompts intend to stimulate self exploration.

The time period during eclipses can feel more dramatic, more emotional, more electric. Solar eclipses stimulate things that are coming into our personality (ego experience) and lunar eclipses disseminate things that are leaving that filtered-vision of reality.

We met a solar eclipse on July 12 (paired with a new moon, working in the areas of home and baseline power vibes). We will meet a lunar eclipse on July 27 (paired with the full moon, working in the areas of tribes and teachings and carrying the Mars retrograde two-steps forward, three-steps back flavor of this summer). Then, in August, one more solar eclipse on August 11 (paired with the new moon, working in the area of your potentially bestest, brightest, show-stealing persona).

There’s a lot going on outside and within.

The July solar eclipse might have really ripped into you. It affected the tender areas and might have wrung your being out from your mind to your heart to your tummy. The July lunar eclipse might do the same, double dutch, since the Martian flavor can make the tender areas burn. When you make it to the August one, how are you going to wear your shiny, polished mind armor, phoenix?

REFLECTION PROMPT: How do these words feel: personality, home, baseline power, tribe, teachings? 

Extra strength RX: Take reflection time to listen. Open to a blank page. Gaze upon in. Be quiet in the space of unwritten words, and let the universe do it’s job while you do yours to be human and bear witness. Insights might come that help you use the potential of this reflection space (a charged point in time and space).

July 16, 2018

Reflection Prompts and More: Martian Weather

This summer, we are under the influence of some intense astrology. Ways to tap in, harness the power, and balance the body will be shared here.

Let’s start with the Mars retrograde. It happens for 9 weeks (June 26-August 27), and the influence is felt a little bit before and a little bit after the actual dates.

Let’s get curious about our relationship to the Mars archetype, inner warrior, aka the Martian in us—where does our inner warrior take us? Reflect with the prompts, and come back to them from time to time. You might have different responses during different phases of this retrograde cycle.

REFLECTION PROMPTS: How do we initiate things? When are we quick to anger? What are our defenses holding back (holding up)?

DIY Your Experience: Take some time to include cooling body practices. Go for a swim. Do some yin yoga—holding in supported hip releasing poses like pigeon and lizard are especially good. Be super gentle in both because while yin has a cooling aspect, lots of emotions can come up. Process and release them all. That’s where stuff gets hard! This hip-opening sequence is also juicy n’ good for moving through this summer heat.

You can also envision yourself in this fiery summer as if you were in sacred combat for higher purposes—that which serves the greater good. The struggle is real and the struggle is worth it, so use some visualization to play  positive-outcome images.

You might also balance body heat by drinking cucumber water or mint tea.

Attack with grace from all sides, Martian warriors!

Reflection Prompt

Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts and inspired for use in the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes and move toward soul-centered personal evolution. You are encouraged to explore your current experience within the context that your mind is working in (the astrological weather) and to engage your unique self (the soul) here in this time and place.

The time period of the days around a full moon is especially good for taking a step back and contemplating the events, including thoughts and feelings, that you  experienced since the new moon/beginning of the lunar cycle.

We meet a Capricorn new moon on June 27.

The vibe of Capricorn, the archetype of the elder, is solid. Actions have consequences, and Capricorn will say, “And so it is.” Integrity comes with showing up for your commitments.

It’s harder than it seems.

Think back to the new moon in June, when the archetype of Gemini the trickster allowed us to play around with the ways we communicate, especially the ways we communicate with ourselves. Did you show up for those notes from the Universe? Did they affirm your choices and the way that you want to live? Or did you disconnect somewhere in between what you think you deserve and what you’re being served up? Reflect on the image of chain links–consequences and actions. And maybe role-play: What would your elders say to you and yours?

REFLECTION PROMPT: Where do you show up (or not)? 

June 26, 2018

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