Reflection Prompt: April 2021 Full Moon

Hi! I’m Anastasia Wasko. Thanks for visiting my nabe of hyperspace. I’m here for transformation practice, which includes reflection, creative expression, and talking ’bout the world as energy. My practice makes me happy and free. So make yourself a fresh cuppa and pull up. I’ll share some things to think about, learn, and do. I’ll show you how to change yourself by changing your relationship to the world. BTW: I love tattoos and coffee.


April 26, 2021: Taurus sun, Scorpio moon; Uranus inconjunct Lunar South Node in Sagittarius and trine Vesta, square Saturn.

Let’s deconstruct this energetic transmission so that we can apply the astrological insight to the events of the external world and to the impulses of the inner world; may this become a conduit through which we transform the way in which we engage reality and experience the sensation of being connected to each other and the stars and to ourselves.

The life-giving force of the sun is activating a conversation about the ground we stand on. Our emotional body, represented by the moon, is full, lit, divulging the underground beneath the Earth we stand on. We layer this against the backdrop of the recent ruling in the George Floyd case: the cop who killed him is guilty. Of the thousands of Black and brown people who have been killed by cops in America but whose killers have not been held accountable, the ruling in the Floyd case is a shock to the system of American justice, a system whose organs are riddled with diseases like systemic racism and income inequality. The diseases were created by ideas that have overripened and outgrown their societal circumstances, and now hang limply on the tree of humanity and rot. And the skewing of leadership, the many politicians who still cling to these ideas, citing history as the reason for keeping the status quo, leave us hanging.

We feel that in our gut.

The very public passing George Floyd galvanized the most oppressed (the underground in society); their cultural movement caused seismic shifts across the ground we all stand on. Within the fissures, we see where to dig up the old roots plant new ones to grow justice in society. The American state cannot hold as is. If we consider it as organic matter, we can allow it to break down because that, in the cycle of life, is what other things can use to grow.

Our emotional bodies are engaging this crisis point and know the potential here: here is an energetic surge to allow the ground to continue to crack. Create more room to clear and till soil—in an intense form, we are shocking ourselves out of old emotional holding patterns. In a softer form, we are seeing the potential to reframe thoughts (and implicit or unconscious biases) that are rooted in a fear body. We inherited this society built on uneven ground. Let’s challenge ourselves to work in the dirt here. We know that what we dig up, we need to let go of—an effort toward a more just society.

Our efforts, the energetic potential therein (held in the emotions), can be cast to the purifying flame, the one that burns away any imperfections that cling to the idea “and justice for all.” Every body has meaning, value, and worth—a radical idea that doesn’t fit into the current American policing and justice system. Let’s dig into the proverbial dirt, maybe whistle while we work, enjoy it, imagine ourselves howling at the moon, singing our songs of the here and now, feeling the momentum building for change in the ground we walk on. We can grow something new and more beautiful this time.

What thought circuits are open to you now? What ideas you clear out? // Idam na mama. For the greater good of all.


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