Anastasia is a writer, teacher, and maker based in Kingston, NY who uses word play and creative expression to help you set your self a-LIGHT.

Her creative nonfiction work explores interactions of the spiritual, human, and physical to find the lessons therein. She writes with a layered voice that has been crafted through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and a yoga and meditation practice.

Anastasia teaches individuals  how to craft a practice to navigate their human experiences as spiritual beings. She makes pieces that support meaningful rituals.

My role as writer requires me to elaborate on ordinary and non-ordinary experiences. My sadhana offerings give you things and opportunities to integrate those experiences into your personal narrative. You start to move through your inner and outer worlds in alignment with your individual nature and the cosmos at the same time. Essentially, I help you use language to evolve your sense of self. 

Anastasia is especially interested in hearing about your spiritual emergence, as well as reading and writing “the-weirdest-thing-happened” stories and trickster theory. She is a student of yoga, reiki, evolutionary astrology, and parapsychology. Additionally, Anastasia studies other languages to deepen her understanding of the ways reality can be constructed.