My role as writer puts me on journey of exploration through ordinary and non-ordinary experiences. My role as a spiritual alchemist supports your own journey of exploration through ordinary and non-ordinary experience. My role as a maker provides you pieces to use during this practice.

Anastasia is a writer, maker, and spiritual alchemist based in Kingston, NY. She specializes in word play and creative self expression that helps individuals set themselves a-LIGHT.

Her creative nonfiction work explores interactions of the spiritual, human, and physical bodies. She writes with a layered voice that has been crafted through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and a yoga and meditation practice.

Anastasia is especially interested in stories of spiritual emergence, as well as reading and writing “the-weirdest-thing-happened” stories and trickster theory. She is a student of yoga, reiki, evolutionary astrology, and parapsychology. Additionally, Anastasia studies other languages to deepen her understanding of the ways reality can be constructed.