I put on a mask to write. This lets me see the world through relationships–individual to community, energy to environment, self to space. I call this vision my “global mind.”

My global mind uses language like a map. I listen to the words that flow through me and other people, and I find the way through words that shape our exchange of reality.

The result: Creative expression. Movement through identity and culture. Stories from the spaces in between relationships.

Anastasia’s vision: provide communication that unlocks the energy in each moment. Create spaces in language where stories and information converge and allow individuals to move forward to their authentic selves.

Her creative nonfiction writing expresses a unique narrative voice that has been refined through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and her yoga and meditation practice. Anastasia writes for outlets that further the discourse of the energetic paradigm, the exploration of self, and the process of self realization. She is especially interested in numinous experience, noetic science, and trickster theory.

Anastasia is based in Kingston, New York, USA, where she runs the syntax rugrat (creative writing and mental yoga workshops), makes crafts to support energetic practices on and off the mat (Dillidallier), and writes about exploring the world with language (KiezKucker). She enjoys dancing and reading sci fi in her spare time.