I live to tell you about this, what it’s like to be on the pulse of life, discovering worlds though words, worlds within me.

Anastasia’s vision: provide communication that unlocks the energy in each moment. She fulfills that vision by being a writer who crafts content pieces for outlets that explore the science behind integrative health and energetic practices, as well as facilitating yoga practices that activate the study of the SELF.

The words we use to talk to ourselves and to others are the language fabric we wear as identity.  Our identities are necessary, but they also define us and separate us from one another. How do we resolve being individuals with being united?

The interaction of ideas from science, art, mental health topics, and cultural exchange provides a field of resonance for individuals who are actively engaging in the study of self. The experience of awareness deepens an ability to appreciate interaction of multiple sources of information. These are layers in the mind. Once the layers are understood, a closer understanding of the true nature of SELF can be experienced.

Anastasia’s work addresses this. Her original, creative nonfiction writing expresses a unique narrative voice that has been refined through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and a yoga and meditation practice. Her stories illuminate, and her role in facilitating information exchange support illumination. Anastasia’s yogic offerings invite you to explore, expand, and express through language, and that experience helps you move toward more awareness and possibly greater access to SELF.

She is especially interested in reading and writing the-weirdest-thing-happened stories and trickster theory.