I see in connections–individual to community, energy to environment. I call this filter a “global mind.” It places a high value on the exchange of personal stories and scientific information because they are the threads that weave the cultural fabric we wear to experience the world. My mission is to create mental spaces that allow that experience to be joyful. I do this by communicating, translating, and offering ideas that are in line with our spirit nature. The right piece of information at the right moment in time will un-knot the threads that connect you to your true self.

Anastasia’s creative nonfiction writing translates her journies through inner space. She conveys her experiences with a unique narrative voice that has been refined through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and her yoga and meditation practice.

Anastasia’s portfolio of nonfiction editing contains 15-years-worth of experience. She works to elaborate on theories from the energetic paradigm, connecting outsider science to everyday encounters. Her ability to match data-backed analysis with extraordinary experience is exceptional.

Anastasia writes and edits for outlets that further the discourse of the energetic paradigm, the exploration of self, and the process of self realization. She is especially interested in numinous experience, noetic science, and trickster theory.

Anastasia is based in Kingston, New York, USA, where she teaches yoga and makes crafts to support energetic practices on and off the mat. She enjoys creative writing and traveling in her spare time.