I value every experience. That’s because I know my identity is shaped the words I experience to talk to myself and the words I experience to talk to you. I feel my sense of self, both in reach and in depth, be actively shaped by those words. So my work revolves around holding and creating space that allows for words to be circuits of meaning, illumination, and energy.

Anastasia uses creative nonfiction writing to explore her self and the interaction of spiritual, human, and physical experiences. She writes with a layered voice that has been crafted through years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and a yoga and meditation practice. Anastasia’s yoga-based offerings help individuals explore, express, and evolve through language, and that experience creates movement toward more self awareness, self knowledge, and self love.

My roles as writer and editor allow me to explore material about nonordinary experiences and further discussions around non-ordinary experiences. My service as a yoga teacher allows me to interact with individuals in meaningful ways. I’m amazed when the “just right” piece of information and creative expression unlocks a person’s ability to “just be” in the world. 

Anastasia is especially interested in exploring transpersonal studies and the new paradigm sciences, as well as reading and writing “the-weirdest-thing-happened” stories and trickster theory.