A global mind knows there is a connection between all things says writer and editor Anastasia Wasko. We need modern metaphors to explain this tenet of ancient wisdom. We need trans-cultural exchange to understand our global mind.

Anastasia’s original writing conveys her journey of self exploration and the process of self realization. She translates her experience using energetic tools with the intention of sharing knowledge so that the journey is accessible to all. Her unique narrative voice is influenced by years of solo world travel, language and cultural immersion, and her yoga and meditation practice.

Anastasia’s editorial strength arrives with over 15 years of communication consulting experience. She is dedicated to working on written matter that elaborates on the energetic paradigm and related research. Her ability to match data-backed analysis with extraordinary experiences is exceptional.  She is interested in writing and editing for outlets and publications that further the discourse of the energetic paradigm, the exploration of self, and the process of self realization.

Anastasia is based in Kingston, New York, USA.